Short Term Lockdown till 2nd Dec 2020

Strategy on reducing COVID 19 infection


Strategy on reducing COVID 19 infection.

Asalamu alaykum, We pray this reaches you in good Imaan and health.

All praise be to Allah SWT. As we are all aware, according to government guidelines it is crucial to restrict public gatherings in an effort to reduce the "spread of COVID infection. This includes our dhikr (assalatu) gatherings and congregational prayers.

As a result we have decided to suspend congregational prayers/ dhikr gathering until the ease of the prevailing restrictions according to guidelines . This means we will be suspending the face to face dhikr till the end of lockdown on 2nd December 2020. As from tomorrow 7th November 2020 we are back to full online Zoom session only dhikr.

However, the masjid shall remain open for individual prayers, broadcasting of our regular Sunday dhikr programs and for access to the Food Bank.

It is NIMAB’S responsibility to take all possible steps to secure the safety of the public and employ the prevailing guidelines for COVID local alert levels, by adhering to the present government guidelines.

May Allah SWT bring ease on the ummah , Ameen