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Nimab Welfare Trust

About Us

The rich history of NIMAB Welfare trust dates back to the early 2000s, when a few Nigerian families met during Jummah services and Eid prayers held at the Birmingham Central Mosque in Highgate. During this time, the families came up with the initiative to start a weekly meet up for Islamic teachings and sharing knowledge about Islam and also to organise dawah to propagate Islam in the Birmingham Area. The inaugural meeting was attended by nine families of Nigerian descent hosted in one of the attendees living room at Five- ways, Edgbaston, Birmingham. These families were recognised as the pioneering members of the organisation, and have promoted the initiative through personal invitation to their contacts, distribution of leaflets and flyers and to various Masjid in the local area inviting other Muslims to join the group. The actions helped to achieve its objectives and brought a sense of fulfilment to the members, established a point of contact for Nigerian Muslims, and also created a platform to network and engage with the larger communities in the West Midlands and the UK at large.

In November 2002, the group adopted the name ‘USWAT Welfare Trust’ as an affiliate to a London based Nigerian Muslim association. After some years, the group decided to come up with their own name tagged ‘Nigerian Muslims Association of Birmingham (NIMAB) Welfare Trust’. The name was later registered as an Islamic charity organisation on the 19th October 2006 with registration number 1116452; with the aim to promote Islamic virtues and values, spiritual upliftment, welfare support and encourage togetherness among all living in and around the West Midlands.

As the membership widened, the Trust hired venues and rented public spaces to meet up for their activities and programmes which of course has its own challenges of suitable time slot for programmes in venues, easily accessible venues for members living in different areas of the city, and so on. The Trust later embarked on fundraising activities from individuals, local mosques and organisations in the UK and Nigeria; it finally acquired it’s own property on the 2nd of October 2007.

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Old use of property as a pub

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Conversion to a masjid - ma sha Allah

This property was a disused Pub, refurbished and transformed into a functioning Masjid and Cultural Centre that provides a place of worship and facilities for various activities and programmes to its members and local Muslim community at large. The facility is open throughout the year, providing access for the five mandatory daily prayers, two yearly Eid prayers and other Islamic related organised events. Some of the charity programmes promoted by the Trust have been possible through contributions and collaboration of its members and they include “Food bank, Apoti-Anu, Islamic Lectures, Madrassa classes for children and adults”. These has helped to elaborate and propagate the universal message of Islam, its principles and has enlighten our neighbours on the practise and teachings of Islam for togetherness and harmony.

NIMAB welfare trust has grown from the nine family groups of less than 50 in its early days to over 250 members and receives thousands of visitors each year. The trust currently work with network of more than eight local and international organisations Nigeria Muslim Association Coventry, USWAT, Arrahman, Council of Nigerian Muslim Organisation, Muslim Association of Nigeria, Birmingham Council of Muslim, Birmingham Central Mosque, Birmingham Muslim Burial Council, Green Lane Masjid to promote peace, interconnectedness and peaceful coexistence within its community and also strengthen the Islamic spirit of brotherhood and absolute faith in Almighty Allah.


Semiu Apanishile.png
Semiu Apanisile


Wasiu Onakoya.png
Wasiu Onakoya

Vice President

Olu Olukoya 2.jpg
Olu Olukoya

General Secretary

Fatimah Oladimeji 2.png
Fatimah Oladimeji

Assistant General Secretary

Board of Trustees

Abdul Razaq Ajayi.jpg
AbdulRazaq Ajayi


Habiba Awofeso.png
Habiba Awofeso


Azeez Olanrewaju.png
Azeez Olanrewaju


Zakariya Ajeigbe.png
Zakariya Ajeigbe


Mission Board

Abdul Wahab Kazeem.png
Abdul Wahab Kazeem

Chief Imam

Abdul Rasheed Akinwale.png
Abdul Rasheed Akinwale (Mogaji Adini)


Dhikrulah Mohammad Aqib.png
Dhikrulah Mohammad Aqib

Madrassah Principal

Jamiu Adebayo.png
Jamiu Adebayo


Council of Elders

baba agaba 3.png
Yusuf Agaba


mama 3.png
Saratu Adegoke


haji waheed 3.png
Waheed Salami