Eid ul Fitr Prayer 2024 (Hijra 1445)


Eid al-Fitr will be on Wednesday 10 April 2024 making our fast 30 days.

Nimab Welfare Trust would like to announce that it will be holding Eid Al Fitr congressional prayer as usual in the mosque Inshā’Allāh, the open field in the front of the mosque will not be used due to waterlogged and further rain forecasted.

The Eid congregational prayer will be held at the following times: 

  • 1st congregational prayer - 8.00am by Ustaz Abdul Azeez Lawal
  • ⁠2nd congregational prayer - 9.00 am by Imam Yusuf
  • ⁠⁠3rd congregational prayer - 10.00am by Alh  Abdul Rasheed Akinwale
  • ⁠⁠4th congregational prayer - 11.00am by Ustaz Jubril Sanusi.


  • ⁠⁠MEN will be accommodated in the Main Prayer Hall, and the under the Canopy by the paved side of the mosque
  • ⁠⁠WOMEN will be accommodated upstairs in the sisters' Prayer Hall and Basement. 

So as to move things along smoothly, please bring your mats along with you and perform your ablution from home. Bags will be provided on entry.

Hence, we encourage you to please keep your shoes with you so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic trying to find them.


We encourage people to walk to the Masjid. For those driving, parking will not be accommodated on the front car park and open field in front of the mosque for security reasons. Please park on the side roads courteously and do not block driveways, step downs and walk paths and other vehicles.  

Please allow lots of time for traffic and obey the parking rules of the city.

Please ensure that you pay your Zakat-ul fitr/fitrana before the Eid prayer.

Taqabbalallahu Minna Wa Minkum!