Eid ul Fitr Prayer 2021 (Hijra 1442)

Measures to strictly adhere to in order to observe Eid prayer

Asalam Alaykum wa Ramatu lahi wa Barakatu.

As we are coming to the end of Ramadan, and preparing for the Eid, a time for celebration, family, and worship. We would like everyone to enjoy the day and have tried to make things as easy as possible. We would be having 3 congregational Eid prayer in the mosque. From 9:00am till 11:00am.

The Birmingham City council has allowed us to pray our Eid in the mosque this year, however they have outlined some Covid-19 measures to be put in place before we can have a congregational Eid prayer.

In line with the Birmingham council’s advice, we have put in place the below measures:

Arrive promptly for your prayer time. We will use a maximum system to ensure that we control the numbers at each prayer. when the maximum is reached, you will be issued a ticket and asked to stay in your cars till that prayer is finished, and the next one is available for you to join

Each Worshippers will only be in the mosque for a maximum of 20-30 minutes, allowing adequate time between the prayers for people to arrive and leave without clashing

Make wudhu at home (toilets & wudhu facilities will be closed)

Wear a face mask when indoors, except if there is a valid exemption

Bring your musalla (prayer mat)

Areas will be marked for prayers to help with social distancing

A bag for your shoes and keep them with you whilst praying

Household should not mix indoors, maintain social distancing at all times no hugs or handshakes

Avoid gathering outside the mosque in large group

Please cooperate with health and safety officers.

We still also advise those who may be ill or vulnerable to remain at home.

The Muslim community in Birmingham has done exceptionally well in adhering to the Government and Public Health guidelines to date. The community has been extremely patient during Ramadan, recognising the need to adhere to Covid-19 regulations for the greater public benefit. The number of infected and deaths in Birmingham and the UK continues to fall, which is testimony to this. We encourage everyone to continue to adhere to the guidelines for everyone's safety.

The Quran says: : ".. .If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind..."Surah Al-Maidah, ayah 32.

On behalf of all the governing bodies of Nimab Welfare Trust I heartfully wish us all a very wonderful Eid celebration.