National Lockdown from 5th January 2021

Nimab Masjid continues to open in full compliance with Covid-19 Regulations

Asalam alaykum brothers and sisters in Islam,

As you may all be aware, another lockdown was officially announced on the 5th of Jan 2021. The new lockdown rules mean places of worship can remain open for individual and collective prayers as long as safeguards are being followed and people stay in their own support bubbles.

In this regard, we would like to inform you that normal congregational and Friday (Jumah) prayers will continue as normal at their allocated times.

Please come to the masjid with your own prayer mats, in a state of wudu, wearing a face mask and leave the masjid after the prayers. Observe Sunnah prayers at home.

Please lets continue to observe the rules.

Click here for further information on the UK government website.

May Allah SWT bring ease on the ummah , Ameen. Keep Safe!