Apoti Anu - Charity Box

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Nimab welfare Trust is a registered charity Muslim organisation, which its charity wing Named “Apoti Anu”. What - Apoti Anu is the charity wing of Nimab Welfare Trust and coined from Yoruba word (South West Nigeria) meaning box of mercy. Since its inception Apoti Anu has helped ...number of people so far.

This charity wing of Nimab is a non-governmental organisation. Apoti Anu aims to alleviate the suffering of less privileged people in our community(ies), both locally and internationally. At present, our income comes from individual donations and collections from our clothing banks.

At present funding of Apoti Anu is generated from:

sales of clothes received in the clothing bank

financial contributions from individuals

We are responding to the needs of the less privileged such as homeless, physically challenging people, Emergencies of people with health challenges and successfully carry out short-term poverty elevation both locally and abroad regardless of religion or gender.

This charity is managed by a committee of about ten members of Nimab, with chairman and secretary to the committee.

For more information about Apoti Anu please send us an email : apotianu@nimabwelfare.org.uk ; Tel : 0121 406 7588